Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shaykh ul islam And Palestine

Since half a century, Palestine has been fighting for its rights, yet neither surrendered in front of the tyrant nor asked for support from any other country. Subjugated by Israeli forces and being killed for no crime, Palestinians are combating for their survival in a deadly battlefield unarmed.  Dr. Tahir ul Qadri in one of his recently telecasted program declared Palestine’s war as illicit and added that islam has no space for such terrorism. Besides, he added that as Palestinians demand a state of their own likewise Israel maintains the right of having an independent state.  In order to rebuff the thoughts which arise about Allama’s intellectual being after knowing this it is worth mentioning here that while responding to a question regarding reservations against him, he turned them down by declaring his relationship with Gumbad e Khazra. His followers have given him the title of Sheikh ul Islam, which is no doubt a very eminent title in Islamic history.  While being at such an esteemed position in the eyes of his followers, Allama must have acted conscientiously before proclaiming about Palestine. The way he asserted statements about Palestine matter seems more like a child’s ignorant speech rather than the verdict of such a reputed scholar. So, according to Allama fighting for your right is terrorism which makes all the battles Prophet Muhammad PBUH fought, questionable. What if  someone breaks into your house and harasses you, according to Allama’s claim you should negotiate with him rather than fighting for your survival. That is what Palestinians are doing from decades they are fighting war of their survival and independence. What kind of terrorism is this where poor Palestinians have no weapons to combat the trained professional Israeli force, massacring them brutally?  Allama, the chilling cold of Canada might have made you cold-blooded and that is why you are teaching lessons of cowardice and spinelessness to Palestinians. How could you assert such callous Fatawas while enjoying the comfort of your life and without feeling the pain of hunger in Ghaza. Without feeling the lingering fear in Palestinian eyes watching their uncertain lives being crushed ruthlessly by Israeli bombs.  On the day of resurrection to face Allah you should really turn towards the life and teachings of Prophet’s PBUH life, which you use purposefully to cast charm on your followers.  The way you have embarked seems like you have had some sound alleged support. In urge of power you could have adopted some other shortcuts rather than wasting nation’s time in long march. None other than sheikh ul Islam would be held responsible for the expected chaos in the aftermath of this march. I request the masses that fall for such leaders blindly to stop their own annihilation by seeing the things with open eyes.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Palestine!! I am sorry

Sorry Palestine! Please forgive me
I have not done anything  for  you
My muslim brothers and sisters killed
Ans I was sleeping
You know what, when I was child
I used to read war stories  and
I always thought that we are hero
And we an do everything
But I was wrong .. we are nothing
We are sleeping
We are happy with our families
We dam care about you
Because it syour problem what can we do?
But now !! time to wake up
I promise to you I will come to you soon
And I will kill your enemy  then
You will be free in sha Allah
You are in my heart
Once again I promise I will come to you trust me
I am not liar

Monday, August 22, 2011

aah Gaza, Palestine!!! What can I do :'( :'(

What can I do when my brothers are killed?
What is worse than my sisters being raped?
What is more heartbreaking than seeing my baby sisters and brothers abused?
It hurts me inside and makes me cry.
I can’t watch the news; all I see is rubbish bull.
They will hide the truth and tell you what least benefits you.
Lie about the Muslims and give power to the Yahuud
Kufar countries are all on one side.
Why can’t our ummah be united?
Why can’t we all support Gaza?
I hate seeing rich doctors, nurses and engineers
Who I know can help and don’t even dare
To put one penny inside that brown box right by their side.
I want to remind you something for those of you who care
Imagine your brother being killed and tortured.
Imagine your own sister being raped and beaten.
Imagine your own baby being abused.
For those of you who care, make Dua and prayer
We must love and no longer take pain.
We must not let Gaza feel alone.
We must help our mothers, our brothers, and sisters.
This silent cry must soon STOP!
Gaza must live in peace and no longer in fear.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadan the holy month of islam

Assalaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakathu.

Once again we welcome it, once again it welcomes us. This month will be, for each of us, what we shall make of it. A month of return, introspection, meditation, brotherhood and love. The month of the Or a month of mechanical fast, almost unaware, that hurries to turn upside down nights and days ending up living the nights to .forget. the fast of the day...

This month is a feast... not of noise, but silence; not of banquets but restraint; not of forgetfulness but remembrance. This month is a feast for the faith.

We wish everyone a beautiful month of Ramadan. May it be a month of teaching where gift wins over avarice, generosity over selfishness, love over hatred. Be it a month where everyone tries to master one.s anger: the Prophet advised once to respond to adversity during these days of meditation : .I am fasting.... and to pass over. Be it a month where everyone of us cares more than usual for the needy people in her/his nearest environment.

Happy Ramadan to all of you! May your fast be accepted and blessed. May the Most-High and His Light go along with you, protect you and love you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh Palestine! ! !

Our beloved Palestine
We can’t let you go
When is the bloodshed going to stop?
We really don’t know
Lots of innocent children are dying
Israel is to blame
But always lying
Young children hide in fear
I can’t bear to endure this and begin to tear
The poverty rate in Palestine is really high
The children want their mom and begin to cry
Many Palestinians die of starvation
This is all because of Israel’s occupation
Most don’t have a place to stay
They need the world’s aid without delay
Israel blocked Palestine from the world
Orphans hide in corners arms and feet curled
The Palestinians are in constant worry
Yet they must endure Israel’s fury
We can’t see our brothers’ fall
Yet we do nothing at all
The world needs to come together
Or this war will go on forever
Israel wants Al Aqsa
So they criticize and accuse
That we certainly refuse
The Palestinians want peace
Only with Israel’s release
Which they will not cease
Israel and Palestine is like a cockfight
The world can’t watch this horrific sight
Yet nobody wants to unite
How can the U.S. support these crimes
In these tough economic times
So please stop the bloodshed
Because lots of innocent Palestinians are dead
Palestine must be free
Because the occupation is a monarchy
I know there are a lot of Rabbi's out there that agree with me
On every news headline
From Jerusalem to the shoreline
Israel must free Palestine

Saturday, July 9, 2011

i love you ALLAH :'(

Oh Allah

I am Yours & You are mine. I love You And i need You all the time,
Please be in my heart and with me in every step of my life & help me to follow the instructions of QURAN perfectly and forgive all my evils…

Sunday, October 10, 2010


May Allah ruin the European! They devils have again committed the heinous crime. These germs of the evil progeny are pushing humanity into a war that will have no ending. They are trying to wane and eclipse the sun but will not succeed at. By the Lord of Ka'ba, not. O yes, these people will themselves be ruined.

The Noble Quran pronounces: Our beloved - be we, our parents and children be ransom to him -- is the "Actual Sun" of the universe………

"O Prophet, We have sent you as a witness and as a bearer of good news and a warner and as the one who calls (people) toward Allah with His permission, and as a luminous Lamp."

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Islam writes:

It was said (in the foregoing verses) that Allah's bounty takes the Mu'mineen out of darkness to the lights. Here (in this verse) it is said that light has spread due to this lamp (Hazrat Muhammad ). The word Lamp must have been used here as is said in Surah An-Nuh (Allah has made the moon a light and the sun a lamp) i.e. He is the sun of Prophethood and guidance after whose revelation, there is no scope for any other Light. All the lights have submerged into this Great Light. (Tafseer-e-Usmani)

Allah be thanked many times that in spite of the lapse of 1425 years, this sun of Prophethoot and guidance is till burning with its full splendour. The words have been echoing from the mountains of Magnolia to the Jungles of Africa. The snow of Cyberia also listens to the slogan of and the song of is also being raised in the Senai Deserts. Do you think, you will eclipse this sun with the help of a few caricatures? By the Lord of Ka'ba, never at all. You have not been able to put out the "Muhammadan Light" by throwing millions of tons of gunpower at Afghanistan. Althoug you have killed seven million individuals in Iraq yet you have not been able to harm this resplendent light. This light will keep brightening . This light will, at last, prevail over the entire world.


Do you think, we will cut away ourselves from our beloved lord due to these mischiefs on your part? You have taken us for the Japanese who bargained their self after receiving two Atom bomb shells. Keep it in mind that we are Muhammadan --- not Japanese. We are true staunch slaves of Hazrat Muhammad . If we are segmented and slain, the fragments of our bodies will remain loyal to the Holy Prophet . If we are burnt to ashes, the particles of ashes will recite Durood Sharif in honour of Hazrat Muhammad . You dropped two atom bombs at the Japanese and they joined hands with you. But we are Muhammadan. If you drop thousands of atom bombs at us, our hands will move to your necks. We regard it as a great auspiciousness to get our bodies cut into pieces in lieu of a smile of the Holy Prophet because we know that out dear lord's smile is the proof of Allah's good pleasure. O the disciples of the Abu Jahl, why do you draw caricatures. Come to the field like brave men and see how brave are Holy Prophet slaves.

You Have Challenged Your Death!

Allah has made Hazrat Muhammad the cause of creation of this universe. Anyone who attacked the Holy Prophet in the past, was ruined. The great state of Kisra was annihilated because he had torn the letter of Hazrat Muhammad . It seems, the decision for destruction of Europe has been made in the high skies. O yes, your activities and creed had deviated but Allah was putting you up with. But now, the time has come. You have filled the world with fornication and drugs. You turned humanity half-dead with piles of ammunition. You exploited humans in the name of progress. You filled the earth and the atmosphere with poisonous pollution for your luxury. Still you remained safe. There was no general torment on you in the world. But now, the time has come. You have been insolent to the Holy Prophet and have challenged Allah's great torment. Now, you will be ruined. This spark burning in the fire of love of the Holy Prophet will fall on you like death. Then this spark may cool down. Allah may take that ashes to the field of Hashr! When the Holy Prophet may start from his Mousoleum to Hashr, his feet may fall on this ashes!

O Muslims! Quit Europe And America

It is very dificult for Europe to survive after being impudent to the Holy Prophet , repeating it again and again and then remaining adamant to it overbearingly like the donkey. These people will be annihilated. The Muslims should not stay in America and Europe particularly, they should not settle there from abroad. The Muslims living there, should remain away them in their own regions and colonies. When the rain of Allah's wrath descends from the skies, the general torment starts. It does not become of the Muslims to serve the pagans for a few coins. The Holy Prophet's slaves can never become happy with those who are audacious to the Holy Prophet . O Muslims! The court of Hauz-e-Kausar is going to be established. There will be questions in the grave about Hazrat Muhammad . Our worldliness made those pagan so brave that they ridiculed the Holy Prophet . O Muslims! Protect your Din, your Emaan, your grave and your modesty. The dollars, pounds and Euro of the world are nothing. The Real Sustainers is only Allah.

These Caricatures Are The Smoke of The Heart

How great power have the Jews, the Christians and the communists of this age accumulated? Allah-o-Akbar! Ostensibly, the power of these oppressors is really very great. America has so many atom bombs and hydrogen bombs that she can destroy the earth seven times. Russia has thirty thousand small and big bombs that can destroy all the countries in minutes. These countries can detect the ants moving on the face of the earth with the help of their Satellites. They can judge the colour of water under the earth. America can destroy any city, house or trench in Pakistan with the help of ammunition connected with computer system. She has the instruments that can see across the walls and bankers. She has war planes that fly automatically like birds. They have a vast network that can work secretly with the help of gases and lasers. In short, those oppressors have ample might. If you want to get more information, do contact some westernized intelligentsia. They will turn you half dead by browbeating you. I have never given any thought to the might of these oppressors. Meditate a little please. Despite so great might, the coffins of American soldiers are daily despatched to America from Iraq and Afghanistan. Seven years have passed. America and her allies have not been able to wipe out the Taalibaan. I myself know that the big Taalibaan commanders know nothing of modern technology. They know only a few buttons on the keypad of the Mobile phone. Five years have passed; 1.25 lac American army, thousands of tanks and numerous planes have not been able to conquer Iraq. There are still Mujhaid in every street. What is all this? Be sure that Hazrat Umar(RA) did not posses 1/1000 part of the might that America, Russia and Europe possess but he had conquered half the world. Allah-o-Akbar! Please draw a sketch of American war power and then conclude how America has entangled herself in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do draw a sketch of war power of the USSR and visualize how the Russian war weapons used to be sold as booty in the bazaars of Khost and Peshawar. Do keep the sketch of the Indian war power and see how she has been caught in Kashmir for eighteen years. Do learn the data of Israilite war power and then see how she retreated from Ghazza. O yes, you may not have meditated over these points but the leaders and thinkers of the Jews and the Christians meditate over it day and night and they see the words at the back of these defeats. O yes, they discern and feel Hazrat Muhammad in the fields. They have perceived that common people cannot face so great might and bombing. Certainly Hazrat Muhammad's miracle, his Din, his name, his spiritual might and his physical power is fighting in all these fields and there is the power and might of Allah at the back of his might. The Pagans find themselves helpless before this might. They used every kind of weapons; they boycotted them economically; they purchased the rulers of the Muslim countries; they purchased the armies of the Muslim countries and used them against the Muslims but humiliating defeat is still their lot. Then they enraged the Holy Prophet and they are wasted away in their pain and sorrow and cut their fingers in helplessness. They draw cartoons and caricatures of the Holy Prophet and try to console their irritated soul. Congratulations to the Fedai of Islam, Mujahideen of Islam, flag bearers of Jihad! You have given the due of the slavery of the Holy Prophet in every field. Allah has, no doubt, made our Holy Prophet "Illuminating Sun". This sun will shine till the Doomsday. Jihad is also the light of the sun. Passion of the Mujahid is also the light of that sun. Congratulations to those Mujahideen in whose hearts, the light of the Muhammadan Spirit is sparkling .

War Preparations

The Europeans have sounded the war bugle by drawing the impudent caricatures. Jihad becomes "All-obligatory" when the enemy comes to open enmity. Now, the Muslims should give exemplary punishments to the enemy and hold themselves worthy of the water at the "Kausar." Voluptuous Europeans cannot spend even a single day without wealth. The Muslims should fight in the field of Economy and in the open fields also. Everyone should realize his responsibility. Then he should assess what he can do in this war. The Mujahideen of Afghanistan and Iraq are worthy of congratulations because they are fighting these enemies of Islam directly. Their reward is certainly the greatest of all, their job is the greatest of all. If all the Mujahideen had used their sagacity and had fought at those fronts in the true sense, the map of the world would have changed. But alas! Small slogans keep breaking the might of the Mujahideen day and night and many of the Mujahideen lay down their lives dropping bombs at the video centres. Do ponder for a while for Allah's sake, what is its use! Let it go, it is a different painful topic. We were saying that every Muslim should do his duty. They should give up living in Europe, give up trade with the Europeans and shatter their ranks because little drops make oceans. Mild winds when gather, become a gale. Harmless streams when gather, cause floods. If every Muslim causes one rupee loss to Europe, she will be forced to beg. Most of all, we should become sincere loyal to Hazrat Muhammad . We should develop deep relation with the Noble Quran, Namaaz, Jihad and Sunna of the Holy Prophet . We should particularly perceive and revive the Jihad Sunna's of the Holy Prophet .

We should learn about our lord's swords, his spears, his movement for war, his setting the war ranks, his brave fighting, his reciting verses in the battlefield, his remaining adamant to his stand in spite of the volley of thousands of arrows, his despatching the war troops, his receiving injuries, his armouring himself, his distributing swords, his showering rewards to the brave fighters, his bidding farewell to the Mujahideen, his imparting war training, his taking part in war exercises, his hanging sword around his neck, his riding the horse and having a round of Madina, . How dominating dignity did he have? He had dishevelled hair with war cap on his head and triumphant entry into Makkah. Some one said, "Ibn-e-Khatal (an Impudent) is clinging to the walls of Ka'ba and beseeching for refuge." Taking off his war cap, he said, "Slay him." I wish to go running to Madina and say to the Holy Prophet , "My parents and children be ransom to you , do issue the command for the European impudents as you issued command about Ibn-e-Khatal."


Your slaves stand ready. It is your miracle that there is no lack of the people like Ziaad bin Sakn who put his cheeks at his feet and laid down his life rather the entire world be ransom to this auspiciousness. But the Muslims remained unmindful for a short time and Europe fortified itself. Our rulers and armies became their slaves. So, O lord , we need your command. After your command, fate will be kind to the Muslims. The defensive enclosures of the pagans will break. Then the caricaturists wil be totally annihilated.